We have high powered, large working area CO2 machines and can cut non-metal materials as thick as ½” and as large as 3’x4’ (4’x4’ coming soon!) as well as fiber marking capabilities that allow us to mark metal parts directly with extremely fine detail.


CO2 Laser Cutting/Engraving

We have a large working area and the ability to process non-metal materials such as wood, acrylic, card, rubbers and fabrics.

Architectural and contour models

Lettering and logos for sign and display makers

Fashion applications including textiles, leather and rubber

Foam inserts and branding for packaging

Paper cutting and greeting cards

Fiber Laser Metal Marking

Fiber capabilities for permanent marking on metal and non-metal parts with a high repeatability.

  • Branding and product information

  • Identification/serial numbers for batch control

  • QR codes and symbology

  • Instructions and control panel marking

  • Rotary engraving on glass and cylindrical objects

Fabrication Services

Full service builds of signage, way finding, retail displays, lighting, props and more. We can help with:

  • Design process and CAD modeling

  • Fabrication and assembly

  • Installation