Want something laser cut?

Want a laser cutter?

We got you.

We’re a laser cutting service and device company based in Boston, MA.


Laser cutting

We have a 3’x4’ working area on our CO2 machines which are able to process non-metallic materials such as wood, acrylic, rubbers and fabrics. We can help with projects like: 

  • Architectural and contour models

  • Lettering and logos for sign and display makers

  • Fashion applications including textiles, leather and rubber

  • Foam inserts for packaging

  • Paper cutting and greeting cards

  • Woodworking jigs


Laser Marking / Engraving

CO2 and fiber capabilities for permanent marking on metal and non-metallic parts with a high repeatability. Useful for applications such as:

  • Branding and product information

  • Identification/serial numbers for batch control

  • QR codes and symbology

  • Instructions and control panel marking

  • Rotary engraving on glass and cylindrical objects


Full service builds of signage, way finding, retail displays, lighting, props and more. We can help with:

  • Design process and CAD modeling

  • Fabrication and assembly

  • Installation


Easy to use laser cutters with a large working area.

We started by customizing laser cutters we wanted to use in our shop everyday. We soon found, we weren't the only ones that appreciated the design choices and have since sold customized laser cutters to studios and maker spaces across the country.

Let us know know what needs you have in a device and we can help make sure you get the machine you need to maximize efficiency and repeatability in your process.

How to Laser @ Artisan's Asylum

Learn how to use the Black Cat Labs laser cutters at Artisan's Asylum to cut or etch wood, plastics, papers or textiles. Gain a solid understanding of what the machines can do and learn how to upload a file and run a cut and engrave. 

This class will cover the basics so that you will be able to operate the Black Cat Labs equipment at Artisan's, unsupervised and in a safe and courteous manner. 

The first half of the class will cover some laser cutting basics, safety, and operational procedure. The second half is more hands-on in that you will be guided through cutting and engraving some fun shapes and designs out of wood and acrylic to take home.


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